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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Carrea Go Champions set

Carrera Go!!! Champions set; this is a motorized racing circuit that comes with two formula one motorized cars and two controls that allows you to turbo boost for faster speeds.

Price:                      R399.90

Scale:                      1:43 scale slot racing system

Track size:             3.6m

Remote control:   2- Remote controls with Turbo Boosters

·         What entertainment the toy brings for the child: This is a very entertaining toy for boys, but it is also for the whole family as it is very competitive and challenging because in order for you to manage one lap around the track you will have to control the speed of the car at certain moments around the track and if you do not manage this the car will simple slide off the track.
·         How long the toy will last: This is one of those toys that does not have a breaking point, but instead relies on how well it is handled by its owners. I’m not saying it will keep forever because the electric adapter that supplies the power will eventually give in, but that will only be after 1-2 years of use.
·         What the total cost will be to keep the toy operative: There will be no additional cost to keep this toy operative, because it makes use of an electric adapter that plugs in to a wall plug. There will only be additional cost involved if you want to extend the length of the track, buy new cars or other accessories made available to Carrera Go.
·         The age group for this toy: Any Carrera go product is made for the ages 6 and up.
·         My personal opinion: This toy is in my own opinion very good for value, and offers an endless stream of entertainment for your child. The other benefit is that there is cars sold separately, which include everyday cars, super cars, cars 2 cars and formula 1 cars. So you see no matter what track you purchase you will always have the choice to convert it to whatever theme you choose fit.

Other Carrera go products available: Carrera Go cars 2 set, Carrera Go Touring cars, Carrea Go Porsche GT3 cup, and Carrera Go Rally Raid.
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